Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Zombies and Horror Stories

Have you wondered lately, as I have, why there is a plethora of app games and movies about zombies, ghosts, conjuring’s of spirits, vampire horror movies and the like.

The younger crowd seems to be mesmerized by these works of fiction. I have trouble finding  redeeming social value anywhere.

One time, years ago, a teacher said to my class that more people would attend a public hanging than they will a public wedding. I didn’t think that was true at the time for I had a youthful Pollyanna view of life, but now many decades and life experiences later, I do think it’s true, not because I have lost my positive perspective, but because I’ve realized each of us creates who and what it is we are. We do so by the choices we make and the thoughts we think.

By nature, human beings seem to be attracted to the bizarre, to the weird, to the aberrations of life that personify the scary and mayhem of imagination.

We are attracted to the opposite of what we say we want. Peace, tranquility, pleasant thoughts and surroundings, and even good news.

Throughout the years of my television news career many broadcasters in various markets have tried to put good news into a daily newscast thinking that ratings would improve. Not so!

Eventually, since the dollar drives the content of any broadcast, the newscast goes back to what is unpleasantly referred to as, “blood and guts” stories and ratings do increase.

What I have come to do in my later years is to self-censor the junk I let into my life. I choose to find the experiences and the entertainment that enhance the appreciation of living rather than diminish it with fictional fear and the dragons of illusion.

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