Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Inevitable

I often wonder about the process of death and dying. I know, to some, this is a morbid subject, but endings happen to all at some point.

I was reminded of my continuing thoughts on the matter the other day as I did a U-turn on a road near my home. I spotted a young deer carcass on a grass strip. A car apparently had hit it. It must have just happened for I turn around on this street several times a day to avoid a dangerous left hand turn. The deer was in a peaceful repose and I hoped that that’s the way it passed from animal life.

I probably watched this young one from the time she was a fawn. I see families of deer in a lower meadow below my windows and a high deck on the rear of my home.

I was saddened by the image thinking it was probably my wild neighbor friend. I will call the town supervisor and let them know of my find. As they do with all large road kill carrion they will come and dispose of the body where its odor will be the least offensive.

In some small way there is a similar sadness when I watch the fall breezes prune the maples and oaks surrounding my home or the frost kill the potted flowers and plants in my garden. Life is life no matter where you find it.

I suppose it’s different when a life is vegitation and the other is flesh and blood, but it’s always a sadness to see any life go despite its festive fall color or the peaceful looking, but closed eyes of a small doe.

I believe there is no death, just a passage from one sentient awareness to another; for the time being, that works for me.

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