Thursday, June 20, 2013

Karzai's Arrogance

As of Yesterday a total of 3-thousand three hundred and forty military coalition deaths have occurred in Afghanistan.

The cost of the war in Afghanistan rises every second, but, as of yesterday at noon time is was $635 billion, 889-million, 800 thoussand and rapidly counting.

Here is a New York Times news bulletin from yesterday.


Less than 24 hours after the Taliban opened an office for peace talks in the Gulf emirate of Qatar, the Afghan government backed away on Wednesday from even starting discussions with its adversaries and broke off talks on future military cooperation with the United States.

In one statement, signaling his anger at how the Americans had negotiated the opening of the Taliban office, President Hamid Karzai suspended talks on a bilateral security agreement with the United States which would allow American troops to stay after 2014."

The United States government continues to funnel cash to Karzai and his cronies and at every opportunity Karzai criticizes, rejects and obstructs every effort to stabilize his country.

It is time to end it.

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