Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I was driving and I watched a storm come closer. I heard the thunder in the distance then the skies darkened. A light sprinkle at firrst was the harbinger of a heavier pour.

When I was a youngster similar weather patterns would signal a thunder storm, but we would not know the severity or duration of the storm system. Today storm tracks are high tech. My smart phone and iPad alert me to severe weather in real time; colorful graphics show the intensity of rainfall and storm cell movement.

Our intuition is a lot like the modern high tech indicators. The problem is that most of us don't listen to the intuitive thoughts that move in and out of our awareness; they are our spiritual radar.

We lost the internal trust long ago of how to interpret our feelings, our gut instincts, our vibrations of something's wrong or not right and even sensing our hackles of danger. Our spiritual self however has not forgotten how to do it, only our mind has not remembered.

There is a way to tune into our spirit selves and remember what we think we've forgotten. Intention! Intention is the catalyst for atavistic sensing. Giving intent to be aware of our thoughts and their guidance under the aegis of free-will will connect us to our intuitive selves and then the mind can make the appropriate choices.

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