Friday, June 21, 2013

A Midnight Storm

Since I seem to be on a storm bent these last few posts. Here’s one from another time and how I embraced it into my memory.

It was a time a storm moved through in the middle of the night. The weather department called it severe. There were fiercely strong gusts, pelting rain and lots of lightening and thunder. I loved it. The Muse came out again. Have a great weekend.

Night Storm
© 2009, 2013 Rolland G. Smith

The joy of rain came passing through
My elemental sphere of life.
A type of storm though known, but new
That set, for some, a passing strife.

With falling limbs from gust and strike
And tearing heaves of nature’s breath,
The thundered sound of lightning’s might
Delayed by many miles of depth.

Each storm is like an Escher paint
Complete with knowing its return,
But I embrace with no complaint
The fury’s force without concern.

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