Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Summer Thunderstorm

Yesterday was another near summer day. Uneven heating cooked the cumulous cotton puffs into boiling storm clouds creating a perfect thunderstorm. Summer officially begins this Thursday and the weather patterns of the season and region are upon us.


A little while ago the dappled bright of a partly sunny day sprinkled my meadow and trees with a waving pattern of afternoon light. Slowly the skies became shrouded with a dark gray pall of thickening clouds. A fierce wind cut a path for an oncoming storm. It shook the Oaks and Maples awake to see the glory, if not the fleeting grandeur of a summer thunderstorm.

Darkness emerged. It was like a closed theatre curtain before the opening act. Then a snap of light and the curtain rose. It was an instant dazzling flash like a light bulb’s dying moment. A vivid brilliance flooded the field with intense light. A deafening crack of thunder shook the house announcing the storm just before a pelting rain sheeted my view of the lower meadow.

What a great storm!  

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