Monday, February 25, 2013

Kenyan Violence

There is always a double edge to freedom’s blade.

The stories and the videos coming out of Kenya these days are disappointing and tragic.

Vicious ethnic clashes have erupted between the Pokomo and Orma tribes and it seems to do so every time there is an election for governor of the region. Normally these tribes tolerate each other, but not where politics is concerned. Now it is neighbor killing neighbor.

I've been to Kenya. I've seen the poverty. I've walked the Mathari slums in Nairobi. I've been to Kisumu, but not Malindi on the Indian Ocean coast where this Governor's race is a rampage of indiscriminate violence.

When poverty is the norm of life I don't understand how anyone can use their life's energy in hatred and violence, not over not having something, but over a political race. Apparently the politicians of the region have a history of invoking ethnic violence for their own ends. 

Freedom always cuts two ways.  One edge cuts through the difficulties of life and empowers the individual creative spirit to manifest its choice in words and actions.  The other side of freedom's blade is a far more fragile edge.  To stay sharp it must be honed with responsibility, tolerance, patience, communication, understanding and courtesy.

One edge without the other blunts the point of freedom.

Freedom looses anywhere someone thinks they're better than somebody else.

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