Thursday, March 1, 2012


Here in the mountains of the Northeast we are finally getting some snow. It's not much, but around five to eight inches; just enough to make the uninitiated drivers panic. I got behind one car that didn't go over twenty miles per hour and at that time there was only two inches of slush on the road. Traction was fine, but that person felt safer at that slow speed. I did my usual prayer for the other driver and I'll leave it at that.

Note: Those of you who have ridden with me in the past, please no anonymous comments.

Some house keeping notes:

I'll be traveling next week. March 3rd through the 10th so my posts will be from the road and probably just brief observations on what I see and feel. I'll include some photos since this is a fun skiing trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado.

I do thank you for tuning into these missives from time to time and always appreciate your comments and commentary.

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