Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Reverend Robert Schuller

Charisma is not hereditary!

I say this because I am saddened that the ministry of The Reverend Robert Schuller has ended in his leaving the Crystal Cathedral in southern California.

The Reverend Schuller, his wife and his children who were part of the megachurch’s Crystal Cathedral Ministries all left the church in the past few days. Apparently there was an inability on all sides to find agreement for the future of the ministries.

Robert Schuller was and is a great charismatic preacher. I had the pleasure of knowing him personally through the years. I was invited to speak at a cathedral Sunday service a number of years ago. It was one of my more memorable experiences.

The spirit of The Reverend Schuller permeated that sacred structure and enlivened and enthused all who were there. It carried through on his television program for decades.

Charisma of that kind comes from the individual soul. It is a gift from the Source. Family and colleagues may be just as devout and qualified, but charisma is unique and cannot be passed via the finiteness of DNA, it only comes from an infinite anointing.

It didn’t work out when Dr. Schuller retired in 2006 and passed the preaching baton onto his son, Robert Schuller Jr. It didn’t work out either for Oral Roberts or Billy Graham or Pat Robertson.

Charisma is only a gift. It cannot be learned or inherited.

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