Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Death and Dying

I have a friend who's Dad is 90 and dying.

I know it is a natural process for the body to let go of life in order to return to the reality of spirit.

My friend is a good son. He is attentive to his Father, even though other choices could be appropriate.

It is still hard. The loss of the bodily form is a powerful sadness to the living. We think the essence has  gone, but it has only changed and in an eternal instant we will all be together again planning new adventures.

Letting go of life is a hard awareness for so many of us. Even those of us who don't think we are ready for the transition and all of of sudden we find ourselves at the door of light. Priorities change instantaneously.

I have always believed that if we have finished what we came here to do then why would we want to linger in this density constricted by the illusion of time.

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