Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bob Samples

I just heard that a long time friend of mine passed to the other side.

Bravo! What a celebration and what a profound sadness. The dichotomy is wrenching. The sadness is searing. How do we consciously celebrate the passing into the eternal light and at the same time deal with the ending of a familial form and the conscious loss of a physical presence? The finite mind needs to deal with each aspect separately and it takes time.

I think what we have to do in order to find acceptance in loss is to look at the whole or the big spiritual picture.

Passing is going to happen to all of us. The conscious part of us does not know when. The spiritual part of us does, but it’s not important to that aspect of us as to when. It is only important that we accomplish what we came to this time and density to do.

I have written about this in the recent past, but writing about it and experiencing it through the passing of a friend is different, difficult and defining.

My friend was, or better to say, is brilliant. His passing does not cease or diminish his intellect. I believe that his accumulated and learned knowledge stays with him and is bequeathed to the universal us as a gift.  So will your experiences and mine when we pass to the true reality of what we call life. What we accomplish in the physical is a lasting gift and a lesson for all us.

My friend wrote books. He was an artist. He was a scholar and discoursed with the brilliant intellects of the world on metaphor and minds and had a loquacious and personal compassion that hugged and comforted in conversation.

He dabbled eloquently in the complications of the human condition and he embraced living and dying with visionary balance.

If you choose, I’d like you to know more about my friend. His name is Bob Samples and you can read about him at

The eternal light is now brighter because of him. 

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