Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Washington's Folly

Apparently nobody in Congress likes the debt ceiling bill. At least that what they will all say so that they can get reelected. Few in America like the bill so what do we have? The House passed it and the Senate votes today. Way to go Senator guys and gals. You have once again proven your inability to serve this great country.

We have a Congress that has disappointed their constituency because of the political antics that directed this agreement to be a cliff hanger down to the last second.

We have a President who played into the political mire instead of being the statesman he must be as leader of the free world. It is an asinine way to govern the country.

The rest of the world is pee-ode at our leadership's inability to compromise. An early agreement would have sparred all of us the tension and the economic fear of fiscal collapse.

There is no reason why an agreement could not have been reached weeks ago.

Sorry, yes there is. It's POLITICS!

Actually it's a bunch of "P" words.

Polemics,  pecuniary passions, pedantry, partisanship and parsimonious. 

All of Washington led us down the path of worry. Why must contention be the catylist of compromise in this Congress?  Let us see what the Senate does today.

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