Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Super Rich

The reality of the common man is lost on the super rich, the United States Congress and the pampered powerful of the world.

There was a story this week of a Malaysian businessman who paid six billion dollars for a Yacht. It was gold plated and had platinum in the bathrooms. Six billion?

Not one of us will begrudge the right of anyone to spend their money anyway they choose, but sometimes common sense suggests that flaunting one’s opulence where the oppressed and poor of your nation or even the world can see it is not only over the top, it’s arrogant, conceited and out of touch with real life.

This old world has a lot of prejudice, pain and hatred harboring in the minds and hearts of so many everywhere. Disproportional wealth has something to do with it.

This old world needs fixing for the future to be sustained in a balance of honor, dignity, culture and beliefs.

This old world has children who bellies are distended as their body aches and searches for nourishment. It has millions dying daily from hunger and hunger related diseases because some believe security is having more. It has millions uprooted in regional diasporas as the ignorant and dispassionate take by force and kill with pleasure for they know not their interconnection with the dying.

Can you imagine what could happen in the world if governments spent the billions they do on arms and wasteful projects on making a cripple child walk, the blind to see, the hungry to be nourish, and the chronically ill cured.

I can!

What we imagine can happen. Let's try it together.

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