Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Regional Devestation

Good Day All,

Still no power in my area. I am unable to post daily missives. The rumor is that it will be at least a week before 90% of the region is restored onto the power grid.

The hurricane was filled with sound and fury.  Nearby rivers and streams were eight to ten feet above flood stage. Roads have been washed out; hundreds of trees block roads and driveways and it will take months if not years to repair the major damage.

The pelting rainstorm arrived around eleven at night so there was no visual experience of its onset. There was however the sound. A strong sound that announced its presence with a howling wind and pelting rain against the windows and the house siding. You could not only hear it you could feel it.

Shortly thereafter I was lulled into a sleep that sustained until first light. By then the circulating wind and rains bands of hurricane Irene were in full force and seeing the storm for the first time gave it an added dimension.

Late in the afternoon the storm waned. Winds still gusted into the rocks and rills of Rifton where I live, but the rain had passed. Debris was everywhere; mostly dead twigs an branches that the winds prodded and pruned from the trees. Green leaves from the oaks and maples, festooned the roads, lawns and open meadows of my rural community. It was the confetti of an ill wind.

I went out to inspect. Many roads were blocked by fallen trees. I have video and pictures which I will post when I can.

My home and family are just inconvenienced, so many of my friends and neighbors have lost homes, cars and personal possessions. The storm surge here came after the storm had passed and the mountain streams funneled the rain runoff into small streams and tributaries. All of them became a torrent of destruction to the valley and hollows below.

I will post again when I can.

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