Friday, August 26, 2011


Anticipation is one of those emotions that excites, inhibits, invites, implores, expects and delights all of us from the time we are children to the time we finish what we came to this earth to do.

What has engendered anticipation in my mind is the approaching ill wind of hurricane Irene.

I am playing the role of observer. I’m observing what my neighbors are anticipating and preparing for as the hurricane approaches little used territory for the term of hurricane. I am observing what the New York local media is presenting to viewers and the level of anticipated danger.

In history there have been a few storms of power that have impacted the New York/New England terrain, but not the kind category five storm that the south and the gulf coast has experienced or are used too.

We are novices here in the northeast except for those souls who are both, old enough to remember the physical devastation of the hurricane in 1938 or who are students of history and have read the pathology of the not-named hurricane in 1938.

 (Please check the previous post for a brief synopsis of its history.)

Anticipation is a gripping vice that starts in your solar plexus and moves into your mind and engenders all sorts of potential possibilities.

Each of us reacts differently to perceived oncoming danger. Fear, excitement, and complacency are a few of the reactions. Fear is understood, so is excitement, but complacency has always been the fodder of tragedy and the lamentations of self-reprisal when destruction, death and despair are basking in the aftermath light of common sunshine.

To my friends on the east coast. Be prepared. Be smart. Be aware and be loved and loving for you are where you have chosen to be.

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