Monday, August 22, 2011

Fibber and McGee

Under the aegis of full disclosure I am an animal lover.

I knew it before this past weekend, because we have two puppies in our household. McGee who is a female 15 months old and Fibber a male rescue Yorkshire terrier about five months old.

They are wonderful together and truly increase our family.

On Friday Fibber developed a high fever and we took him to the vet and subsequently to the animal hospital. He was there until yesterday afternoon.

I was a wreck taking this little six-pound very dependent animal to the pet hospital, not knowing what might be wrong and wanting to comfort the little one with human touch and emotions.

I left him in the arms of a technician who hugged him as he took him away to the pet equivalent of an examining room. The fact that the technician hugged him helped me a little, but not much.

So as not to belabor the issue, we picked Fibber up yesterday afternoon and he was fine. Apparently he contracted a virus from McGee who had recently come from the groomers. McGee was older and thus more immune. Fibber, just a puppy, was not and he got ill from the infection.

Human contact with domestic animals has been going on since biblical times. The Latin word for love is “Amo” which is the root word for animal. It is no wonder we become attached to these devoted little creatures.

One of my major concerns is the way some humans treat the animals in their care. If there is Karma between species in the next existence then beware ye who are cruel for balance is the law of the Universe.

Fibber seems to be fine and McGee is happy and playful her friend has returned to the kitchen. So am I.

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