Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Good Morning all.

I cannot post a blog this morning. The emotional experience of the slums of Mathare Valley was profound. I have sent an email and pictures to my friend Sue who will post the pix on this blog when she can. I will certainly describe my experience when I have the time to process it.

You will not believe it. I could not believe it. No life should be live this way.

I ate dinner tonight, but reluctantly. I'm off the shores of Lake Victoria as you read this. More on both experiences when I can.


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LAS said...

Oh Rolland I feel for these poor people and wish there was more we could do all over the world where people are suffering. As I said before, if we could take all the money we spend fighting each other in wars we could put a stop to this and everyone could live with medicine, nutritional food and good living conditions.

God Bless Them All!!! They are truly trying to survive in the midst of the worst conditions.

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