Friday, November 19, 2010


There are always some things in life that will offend. You have your items and I have mine

Here are a few of mine.

Joe Miller the republican candidate for Senator in Alaska was backed by Sara Palin and the Tea party to defeat the current republican Senator from Alaska Lisa Murkowski. Miller is (has been) challenging the write-in ballots that misspelled her name.

It’s not right, it’s not fair, it’s stealing the franchise from citizens who know for whom they voted, but did not have the right spelling of the name. But two days ago Murkowski was declared the winner. Bravo.

If I had a nickel for every time my first name has been misspelled we could all go out to dinner. Just so you know, my last name has rarely, if ever, been misspelled. Go figure!

Shame on Joe Miller and his campaign. It is unfortunate that in today’s political process, winning is more important than ethics. Maybe that’s why we have so much dissention and contention in Washington.

Here are some little annoyances, OK, they are really, really, little ones and a lot more mundane in the whole scheme of life, but they still annoy me.

I am annoyed at night drivers who wait until our cars are face to face before they dim their lights. If I can see their lights before we are head-on to each other, then they can see my lights long before they choose to dim theirs.

I am annoyed at benevolent police organizations or the PBA's that call at dinnertime asking for a donation. When I say I am giving to other law enforcements organizations they rudely hang up. I keep a list. They will never get any money out of me.

I am annoyed at cell phone talkers on the train or bus or in a restauraunt who think they have to shout into the phone for the people on the other side of their conversation to hear them.

I am annoyed at riders on trains, or people getting on elevators who do not wait for people getting off the conveyance before trying to get on.

I am annoyed at moms and dads who let their youngsters run around a restaurant or in a store without the parental discipline of restraint.

I am annoyed at grocery store lines when to pay for the groceries the person at the checkout register has to fill out a complete check. Why not fill it out, except for the amount, before you go to the store. You know you are going to write a check. To me it’s a courtesy to those in line behind you.

I am annoyed at me for being annoyed at these silly stupid things.

I’ll be better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

ahhh Good to hear you're back to your old self. Welcome home. Sue ;-)

LAS said...

I agree with the "annoyances" you mentioned. There are a few that I have and one is quite similar. The people on a plane that jump up before the plane has gotten to the gate and are half way up the isle. I think that we learned something special in grade school that people should file out by rows. Another one is the driver who doesn't signal before they reach their turn; they signal as they are making it...sometimes I just want to follow them and ask them if they know they have one.

The biggest annoyance I have had in the "new tech" world has been that most people do not use answering machines for the reason they were made. Most of the time it is this or that person saying, "this is so and so call me back". The idea of the answering machine to me was to let the person who you are calling know what you want or an answer to a previous message. This is what has been termed "phone tag"........I hate it.

PS-I agree with Sue...good to hear an up-lift in your spirit and words.

Topher08 said...

I bet you wish you had a dollar for everytime it (your name) was mis-pronounced as well. I agree with your annoyances as well. Good for you for stating them.

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