Friday, November 5, 2010


Good Day to all,

This is what I tried to send this morning as my plane was winding its way to the terminal. I see that only the title came through. Sorry about that.

It's good to be home and I'm fortunate to have had the experience of Kenya. It is not the Kenya of safaris that I experience or ones of tall Masai tribesmen walking barefoot and herding their livestock.

Kenya is filled with screams. You can feel them.

More thoughts and pictures on Monday.

Thanks for tuning in.



Anonymous said...

Looking forward to, well, that's not right, maybe I'm apprehensive but intrigued to hear the echoes from your trip.
Welcome back, Rolland.

LAS said...

I can feel the sadness in your words already and know that what you experienced is one of helplessness. Most of us will never truly experience the real suffering of the world and the sense of helplessness one experiences when seeing and hearing such sights in person ...I just always pray for those that suffer no matter where they are and truly feel blessed that my problems are so little in comparison.

God bless you Rolland and for all of your goodness and caring and most of all for sharing your feelings!!!

Robert said...

Rolland these have been brilliant essays on your trip. I look forward to seeing the tapes.

Bob Considine

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