Monday, November 22, 2010


The waning seconds of golden sunset had just passed the other night. It was glorious and comforting and escorted with a powerful wind as the light and wind passed into the west for others to experience. Everything was flushed in the gilded gold of sunset if for just a moment or two.

There is something about the setting sun that reminds me of being finite and infinite at the same time. My body is finite. My spirit is infinite. It is my spirit that animates my body and when it is done with what it came here to do it will relinquish the flesh and let my body return to the metaphorical dust of creation.

We have endings and continuations and beginnings within each moment of our existence.

Whenever I forget about the impermanence of things I look to nature for a reminder. Days come and go with each one renewed in the light of All That Is. Seasons come and go, yet each returns afresh, exuberant in the youthful expression of snow, color and growth and the budding green and birth of spring.

Why is that not true for all us souls of humankind? The only reason we are here in this density is to perfect our souls for the glory of God through the experience of choice.

Could we not return time and time again continuously perfecting our choices for Him? Incarnation after incarnation? Why not!

Each of the world's dogmas embraces, or did at one time, some kind of rebirth equation. The inequities of a single lifetime belie the belief of just one.

I know I have lived before! It's more like an esoteric knowing rather than a cognitive or exoteric construction. Can I prove it? No! Do I know it? Yes!

For me, reincarnation provides a relief in understanding the injustices I see in the world.

Khalil Gibran once wrote that the murdered is not without participation in their murder. I find that difficult to fathom from the finite level, but understandable from a spiritual awareness.

So where does that leave me and my argument? In the wondrous dark again. It’s fun to think about though, isn’t it?

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Sandra said...

Yes to reincarnation. And yet, if all time is Now, then maybe we're living simultaneous or parallel lives.
With best wishes, Sandra Knight

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