Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Was Gone!

When the election took place a couple of weeks ago I was out of the country. I did vote absentee, but I was gone and it took a little while before I read, heard and embraced the ramifications of the winners and losers.

Some thoughts on who won.

We won.

The American people, the citizens who by majority rule, comprise the policy and philosophy of this maturing republic won. The true winner is "We The People."

Once again we became the evidence of our beliefs and by public example demonstrated to the world and to ourselves that democracy is still a valid and effective process.

We live in a pragmatic world, often fearful, sometimes cruel and we the people are not perfect, but collectively we strive to live up to the founding ideals of democracy. We shout, we argue, we debate, we accuse and when the votes are counted we accept, we forgive, we get together and we live in diverse harmony until we do it again. That’s greatness, that’s America.


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LAS said...

"No man is and island" the story goes and we the American people know what we want and what is needed to keep our country from failing....we know that everyone would like to be "US" that is why so many come here or try to. Most Americans do recognize this. I believe that we saw too many changes that were unrealistic and somewhat questionable too soon we realized this was not what we need.

Save our country, save our religious freedoms, and save the greatest republic in the world.

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