Friday, August 20, 2010

Where is Civility?

Families and friends are being split today into a political environment that mimics the contention before the US civil war and the beliefs between the North and the South.

Then, 150-years ago, brother opposed brother and state opposed state in the volatile consideration for the right of slavery.

Today it is not the moral or economic issue of slavery. It is a political issue of blind contention. Fortunately it will not develop in a bellicose contention, but it is harmful nonetheless. On one side is liberal thought and conservative thinking on the other; each believes their way is the way to and for a sustainable future.

I have friends on both sides of the issue. There are strong and valid reasons on both sides, but our problem today seems to be that we have no common ground, no attack free zone in which to meet and compromise for the greater good. Rhetoric fogs the field of compromise and negotiation.

Contention builds when political and verbal salvos are lobbed into the other side’s comfortable camp and dander rises; each side trenches into ideologues of cemented thinking.

The middle thinkers of America need to stop the verbal cement from hardening into a position that everyone knows will not work in the arena of compromise and camaraderie.

I am very tired of political rhetoric. I am very tired of republicans. I am very tired of democrats. Both of their political diatribes invalidate the democratic principles of our founding fathers. Then the founding fathers pledged their lives and their fortunes for the hope of liberty and freedom and equal opportunity. I don’t see lives and fortunes pledged anywhere, by anyone today. All I see is a manipulation of the truth for the aggrandizement of power.

Today we hide behind the fear of the other side gaining more power. Where are the statesmen? Where are the stateswomen? Where is reason?

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