Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fox News

To all my friends who watch Fox News.

Here’s the headline!

The News Corporation, controlled by Rupert Murdoch, contributed one million dollars to the Republican governors Association this summer. Large contributions like this are extremely rare.

For a news and media company, whose slogan is “fair and balanced” this seems a bit disingenuous.

Get with it people! This is not a news organization. It is a quasi-political arm that distorts, disrupts and disturbs the truth. That’s OK. Political distortion has been going on throughout history, but call it what it is.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that like the prostitute paying the john?

If I were a stockholder, I would at least hope they would have the money coming in and not going out from the republicans. The whole management team should be fired.

Anonymous said...

Fox news? What about MSNBC? CNN? and on and on...they are in the tank for the left. The ominous display of the power of editing has reared it's ugly head. Long gone are the days when I could not tell the political views of the "broadcasters." Gone are the golden years of your era, Rolland. I long for it!

Anonymous said...

Fox News - is that an oxymoron? I wonder what Mike Wallace thinks about his son being attached to Fox. At the same time - I saw Today Show host interview the ex-governor of Illinois the other day. It wasn't a skillful interview, it was a rude, unrelenting, disjointed indictment of where things have gone in the news business. I was horrified that day again as well as most days when I see the news. PBS I would rather watch.

Ed Murrow - he would have asked questions and let the interviewee tell the story. He was skillful, intelligent, adroit, and a true master of the interview.

I do see your point about Fox - they do not even try to disguise things...they are a political entity that for some reason makes news, supports people, breaks people. Let them do as they wish...not under the ruse of being news.

Anonymous said...

What about this twist? Is it true?

Anonymous said...

All of the "news organizations" are biased. CNN, MSNBC, CBS are all to the left. And it bleeds over to all of the newspapers out there. Focus on criticizing them all...not just one who is blatant in its rhetoric!

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