Monday, August 23, 2010

Needless Hate

Needless Hate

© 2010 Rolland G. Smith

War’s wasted tears oft’ flow as one,

But little change does war imbue.

We make our hates where there is none

And pray for peace within a pew.

The hate within and acts without

Will dull the power of our grace

And leave us empty, filled with doubt

And hiding on a shadow’s face.

The genesis of hate is fear

In which we harbor mindless hurt.

We use our thoughts to harm and smear

And stomp the truth within the dirt.

Hate hides in minds and knows its wrong

For all are ONE beyond a thought.

We must remember we’re a song

Despite illusions we have wrought.

There is a way from out this hell

That we’ve created needlessly.

It’s not a potion or a spell

It is a choice, a heart’s decree.

To change your life, just change your mind

And see what happens to your fear.

Your wound up hate will then unwind

And spirit’s peace will soon appear.

The Roses then with fragrant scent

Will celebrate our drying tears

For spirits then need not lament

The missing music of the spheres.

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