Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hands and Heart

I am delighted to tell you about a friend of mine who is a wood working craftsman of the first order. Some of you would know him from his other profession as a senior director of a long-standing soap opera. I know him as a friend, a confidant, a talented woodsman, camper, outdoorsman and craftsman.

Here is the truncated story of a cabinet he recently completed. I had the pleasure of watching some of his work over the last couple of years and now to see the finished product is a gift beyond the sacredness of creativity.

Here’s his wife’s email to announce the cabinet:

“My cabinet is finished!!!!!!!

For those of you who don't know the details......

Bruce started with a cherry tree that John Crawford...a good friend.... cut from his property and gave to us. Thank you John!!!

Bruce had the tree rough milled. Then boards were stored carefully in his workshop for two years to dry slowly. After that.....he turned those rough boards into this BEAUTIFUL piece of furniture for me!!!! Every painstaking step was done with his tools and by hand. My Grandfather would be so proud!

Thank you SO much Bruce!!!! It is spectacular!”

When an artist creates something so beautiful that your breath inhales at first sight, then that creation is a gift to all who see it for it comes from the realm of spirit.

I am proud to know this craftsman and more so to be his friend. This cabinet will stand for hundreds of years and I will be in the group who saw its creation.

What a gift.

Hands and Heart

© 2010 Rolland G. Smith

A cabinet from the heart appeared

And shared its beauty to a room.

We marveled and we all revered,

What hands and mind did thus exhume.

From out the tree that passed in time,

But did not die and disappear.

Its beauty rose from cells confined

To be the cabinet that appeared.

Most beauty can’t be seen as one.

It takes another to be known.

These hands of skill left naught undone.

No longer is the tree alone.

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