Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gay Communities

I spent the last couple of days in Provincetown, Massachusetts. It is a town with a large gay population. It is a seaside picturesque and bucolic town filled with boutique shops, great restaurants and a predominantly public gay community.

Key West, Florida is very much the same.

The world is filled with gay communities where prejudice is non-existent, at least from the local people and mostly ignored from those who visit, vacation and dally there because it is a great place to be.

Gay communities have been around for centuries and only those people who cannot acknowledge the divinity within all people see gay communities as an abomination against their singular belief of a narrow dogma.

I suggest to all those who see a gay life style as bad that they embrace the graciousness of the Divine who unconditionally loves all choices so that the All That Is experiences us as us.

For many years being gay was considered an abhorrent behavior of a deviant few and an affront to society and to the Divine. I don't think that's true anymore since the issue has moved into the national political arena. The affront to society is from the anti-gay zealots, the narrow-minded, the intolerant and the spiritually prejudiced who refuse to embrace the grace of unconditional love in their belief systems.

Social acceptance of a gay life style and marriage will eventually become the norm.

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