Friday, January 22, 2010

OK, Now It's Just Ice Cream

Yesterday I wrote about my session with some ice cream and some serious thoughts about the Haiti earthquake. Today some less profound thoughts on the product we call ice cream.

We’ve all had some at one time or another. I go back to the days when it was a nickel a scoop, but that's for another missive.

Let’s take vanilla. The natural version gets its flavor from the bean of a tropical orchid. And there’s the artifical version that gets its flavor by treating wood pulp with sulfuric acid. Some manufacturers use the real stuff and others use the wood pulp. It’s a matter of cost. Look at the label.

Ice Cream is apparently an American concoction dating back to colonial times, but it wasn’t produced commercially until 1851.

Much of our ice cream is a frozen mishmash of simple chemistry and government regulations. The rules ensure that your ice cream is not more than 50% air and that it contains milk fat. I used to think "air" was free.

Ice cream sales soar in the summer months, but it should be the other way around. Ice cream is loaded with calories, a unit of measurement of potential heat. You may think ice cream cools you down, when, in fact, the effect is to make you hotter. Go figure.

No wonder I like it year around.

Have a great weekend.

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