Monday, January 4, 2010

Body Scan

A major airport in my area will soon get the full body scanning machines to check passengers getting onto flights. I’m OK with that, but many are not.

Some people are insisting it is an invasion of privacy; that argument is puritanical hogwash.

The world is filled with over six billion human beings. To point out the obvious there are only two sexes.

Everyone knows what the private parts of men and women look like. The images from the scanner are not publically seen and erased as soon as the next person is scanned, so what’s the issue?  If a full body scan saves even one life from an individual who wants to do harm then bring it on.

People who don’t want their private parts scanned need to get with the global mentality of today that there are people, organizations, and radicals out there who would like to kill people and there are deluded souls who will blow themselves up believing martyrdom is their reward.

To me it is insane to argue privacy when lives are at stake including your own.

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Gabi K said...

instruct those people on the scanners to professional discretion as doctors and nurses are trained.
Nobody would mind to be "seen" by a doctor and so it should be with the body scanners.

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