Wednesday, January 20, 2010

JD's Mom

John Denver’s Mother died Sunday. She was 87.

A coincidence, I suppose, but I had just written about John a few weeks ago when early morning sunshine touched my shoulders as I sat near a window. Check the January 7th post.

I had the pleasure of talking to Erma Deutschendorf through the years when she would attend the magnificent Windstar symposiums at the music tent in Aspen.

She was a simple woman living in a small house in the Aurora section of Denver. Inside were pictures and portraits of John, mementoes of his tributes and travels and then after John’s untimely death the omnipresent heartache of a Mother who loses a child.

Many years ago I was the recipient of her hospitality when she hosted a gathering of the Windstar Foundation Board at her home. John’s brother Ron Deutschendorf conducted the meeting.

I have a wonderful vision of John greeting his Mom in some ethereal place without time or pain, and filled with the love and light of peace and comfort. I think he’d even sing for her and tell her grand stories of where he’s been and what he’s done all these years he’s been away.

John’s brother Ron has had the burden of heart and hope for his Mom these past several years. My sympathy to him and to all who are saddened by her passing.

Erma Louise Deutschendorf (1922-2010).


Gabi K said...

Mrs. Deutschendorf is a lady who has my deepest respect. She was so unbelivable active in her high age and I really loved to see the way she talked with all the people in Aspen during the annual tribute meetings every October. She never seemed to become tired of this...

I send my deep sympathy to the family.

Mary said...

Mary Ledford - Erma Deutschendorf was a very special lady. I will treasure the times I spent with her. Like you Rolland, I was at those Windstar Symposiums along with Erma. My thoughts and prayers go to all the family.

Georgiann McDaniel said...

Erma was a beautiful lady who radiated a warm, loving light to all around her. I will miss our conversations and especially her tender, heartfelt hugs. I extend my deepest sympathy to Ron and all of her family.

Anonymous said...

John singing and playing guitar, his grandmothers joining in ,and Erma and Dutch dancing...all love and joy, no more sorrow... all being reunited. That's what my mind sees as I contemplate the passing of this lovely, spirited, giving woman. Her heart was bigger than she was. I miss her already.

May all of her family find strength and solace in the lovely memories she leaves with them.

"Hold on tightly but let go lightly..."

Anonymous said...

All my best wishes and prayers to all the family and friends and in a special way to the grandkids and great grandkids to carry on Erma's spirit. And to Annie who had a special bond with Erma for over 40 years. RIP Erma.

Anonymous said...

"Though the singer is silent, there still is the truth of the song". They are now together - mother and son - soaring high.

Jeanne M

Kathy L. said...

I adored Erma Deutschendorf...for her humbleness, sharp wit, and never ending vitality!
I remember someone telling her at a Windstar Open House event that maybe she should sit down and rest...her comment was, "I can rest when I get home"

Peace to you dear Erma.

Heartfelt sympathy to the family.

cath said...

Rolland, you have described Erma beautifully. Thank You.

I envision Erma as a young mum strolling along a shallow stream with her young son and his sparkling grin. I believe she introduced him to his best friend and teacher, 'Mother Earth'.

John lived a life of reverence for humankind and for Our One World. I think we all know where he'd be today - hands on helping Haitians.

I salute Erma as a mother to model.
I thank her for her life and send warm thoughts and prayer to her family and friends.

With Gratitude and Blessings,
Cath Meadows

Anonymous said...

Hi, Roland: I am a teacher and writer in Missouri, and I did a blog post (with a couple of photos) this evening when I heard the news. Although I never met either Erma or John, I have visited Aspen and the Windstar property several times (unfortunately, not during the symposiums). Thanks for the beautiful blog posts; I linked to them, also.


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