Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Intellectual Property?

Somebody better tell Mexico to read history.

Here’s the issue.

The Mexican government claims it owns the intellectual property on various pre-Hispanic artifacts, which Starbucks was using as imagery on mugs. Specifically, it's upset about images of an Aztec stone calendar and the Pyramid of the Moon from Teotihuacan.

Mexico wants Starbuck to pay a licensing fee in order to use the images.

Good grief! How do you own what was never yours?

“Pre-Hispanic,” that means before Mexico was Mexico and before Spain sent the sword and disease to conquer, loot and obliterate thriving cultures in what is now central, South and portions of North America.

I would suggest all Mexican authorities read the book, 1491, by Charles C. Mann. It contains revelations about the Americas before Columbus.

México, tiene una gran cultura, no reclama otra historia.

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