Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Comfort of Friends and Music

Note to anonymous commentator on Grandparent's Rights.

You make a valid point and I will rethink my original position. Thanks RGS


Tuesday's Post:

As I write this I am listening to “A Te, O Cara,” from the opera “I Puritiani” by Bellini. It is one of my favorite selections of all Operas, with the possible exception of Puccini’s “O soave fanciulla” in La Boheme.

Having said that and the fact that this post has nothing to do with the music I am listening to, but everything to do with the generation of comfort, I suppose they are minutely and mystically connected.

I recently returned from a gathering of elders and almost elders celebrating the 80th birthday of a mutual friend.

I looked around the long table of aging friends and felt privileged being in their company for they are all successful and accomplished gentlemen either active or retired in their chosen professions.

It mattered not that we were all friends from previous outings and experiences. At the moment of dining and libation we were all equal colleagues and acquaintances joyfully celebrating a singular and special moment in another’s life.

My mind moved to what some mystics call “the sacred moment of being” and I rejoiced in the moment, the feeling of freedom, the wonder of expectation and the knowing that camaraderie is instantaneous and fleeting in this density and time, but eternal elsewhere.

I will see these souls again here, if that is given to me to experience and if not here somewhere else in the eternity of being. Trying to fathom that moment in a restaurant bar with glasses clanking and dishes rattling and ambient laughter is at best difficult, but possible if one truly lives in the moment.

I don’t get there often, but when I do it's wonderful.

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Gabi K said...

You know what? This coming weekend I will meet some friends to celebrate the birthday of one of them. And I'm really looking forward to it. We see each other maybe two or three times a year, but if, we all enjoy it very very much.

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