Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Test

I don’t know where this came from, but it seems like it has the genesis of a good idea.

Apparently somebody has suggested that our representatives in Congress be required to read the health care bill from beginning to end. Then, after a period of fair study they would take a test to answer a series of multiple-choice questions about the bill.

I think the opponents of the Congressmen who failed to get elected in the last election should write the test.

If the Congressmen fail the multiple choice test they are not allowed to vote on the bill and it is not allowed to pass until all those who vote on it get a passing grade. Each individual can take the test three times and if they fail all three times they are subject to recall in their home districts for intellectual failure to represent the people.

Actually how about a test for all the gobbledygook, convoluted, inane laws, rules and regulations that come from the various committees in Congress and get passed even though most of our august Senators and Congressman have never read the full bill.

They pass legislation because party politics say that’s what you do or they vote against it because party politics says that was the other side’s idea and we don’t want to give them credit.

Then there is the - one hand washing the other - ethic; It’s a you pass my pork and I’ll pass your pork mentality.

Obviously the test idea is not practical, but we the people in order to establish a more perfect union must do something to tell Congress that partisanship is no longer acceptable and get them to be statesman working for the greater good of America.


Topher08 said...

Excellent idea on the testing of congress.

Gabi K said...

May I use the tests for the German government as well?
Sometimes I think they lost all sense for important things...

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