Monday, August 3, 2009

Animal Cruelty

There was a story out of New York City last week that boggles the mind.

A 19 year old guy threw his dog off the roof of a six story building. Believe it or not, the dog survived, but vet surgeons had to rebuild the dogs front legs.

The guy was arrested and charged with three felony counts of animal cruelty. If convicted the penalty could be a couple of years in jail and a fine. A part of me wants the punishment to be much more severe and the other part of me wants the same thing.

These kind of stories happen all too often. Man's inhumanity to animals.

There is a responsibility that humankind must take for the care and comfort of domesticated pets. When we choose to have an animal as a pet, a companion, or a protector, there is an implicit agreement of trust.

The animal, by its created nature is unconditionally loyal and loving. The person, the so-called owner or master, agrees to provide food, shelter and reasonable affection for the animal.

Humankind does have dominion over the earth, but not insensitive domination over any of its species.

Responsibility for -- does not imply callous ownership -- over.

Cruelty to animals or to people is an act of self hatred, for if one truly loves oneself, disrespect for another or another species is not possible.

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