Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bothersome Things

Things that bother me.

We are such a litigious society. It’s no wonder our courts are crowded and reasonable adjudication now takes weeks and even months. What ever happened to the constitutional guarantee of a speedy trial?

Trina Thompson a 27-year-old graduate from Monroe College in New York has sued her alma mater for the 70-grand she paid in tuition. Her premise is that she has been unable to find a job since her graduation in April and the college didn’t help her.

Give me a break. She ought to be fined for filing a frivolous lawsuit. Maybe Bonner & Associates should hire her. They seem to have an opening. They are a Washington law firm who sent out forged letters claiming major organizations opposed climate-change legislation.

The letters were sent to several lawmakers. Bonner & Associates have clients in the coal industry. The company claims a part time employee did it and has since been fired. Yeah right!

Here’s another one to be filed under “S” for stupid. The Birthers, people who think President Obama was not born in this country and therefore is an illegal president, published a forged document; a birth certificate of Mr. Obama.

How did intelligent people know it was a forgery? It was stamped “Republic of Kenya.” The Republic of Kenya didn’t exist until December of 1964. Three years after Barrack Obama was born.

I think these “birther” folks are closet supremacists who cannot stomach a duly elected black man in the office of the President of the United States.

Here’s what else bothers me. People who don’t know a food pantry exists in their community and the empty shelves that it contains.

Friends and family who send out emails with harmful, prejudicial and false allegations on issues of importance.

Check your facts guys.

Gas prices that rise 16 cents in a week claiming shortages.

Greed is more like it.

Homeland Security personnel at airports who frisk elderly ladies because somehow they fit the terrorist profile.

And my favorite “bother.” The fear that still permeates this country of freedom because we can’t see a future that does not include it.

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