Friday, August 14, 2009

I Wonder...

Yesterday I wrote about things that bothered me. Today’s thoughts are things that I wonder about.

I wonder how all the flat stones are doing that I skipped in ponds and lakes when I was kid. A kid bonds with a good flat skipping stone when a pond is nearby. I used to get seven skips per stone, but last year when I tried it I only got three. It could be age, but most probably the stone was too rounded.

I wonder what happened to all the pennies I placed on the railroad tracks and then couldn’t find after the train passed.

What about the little tree seedlings I planted with my Dad nearly sixty years ago. Are they still growing? Did somebody cut them down? Could I even find them today?

I wonder what happened to the comics, baseball cards and electric trains I had as a youngster. My Mother never told me she threw them out, but I guess she did. Mother’s are like that. They figured out a long time ago that it’s easier to expect forgiveness than to ask for permission. “Oh did you want them? I thought you had outgrown them!”

Where did all the memories go that I can’t remember now; at one time they were wonderful and special? What about the colleagues and friends from various jobs and places where I worked and lived; where did their names go? How are they doing? Why can’t I remember much about them?

I wonder about all the things I said on the air and broadcast into the ether through a career of fifty years on radio and television. Are those audio and video waves still beaming into the universe and when they get to the end of it will the sound and images bounce back to earth for some future generation to receive?

I wonder when I stopped believing in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. I can’t remember if I was disappointed or if I was smug because I knew something younger kids did not.

I also wonder why few remember this date in history. Sixty-four years ago today I sat on my uncles shoulders pounding an old pot with a wooden spoon marching up and down the street; others did too.

It was V-J day, the day Japan surrendered to the allied powers. World War Two was over.

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Anonymous said...

I remember.
Trust me, it was all wonderful.

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