Friday, August 7, 2009


The television media of today has the potential of being the Alexandria library of our time, complete with video and audio documentation that can be shared with over 300-million television households worldwide. A potential coverage unequaled in the history of story telling.

“Passive television of the past forced the world to see unique cultures and customs diluted into a common visual ideology rather than into a global cosmology”, as television executive Alan Yasny once said to a gathering of global media representatives.

Used in an innovative and creative way, all media can participate in reducing fear and encouraging a global partnership in a community of cooperation. It is an immediate way to see, not only the oneness of humankind, but also the diversity within the oneness.

Extrapolating more of Yasny’s vision, the relationship between the viewer and the television set must change. Information, coupled with a well-told story, motivates and inspires the individual to become interactively involved, rather than remaining passively addicted. When that happens transformation is possible.

In my view, it is time for television news to report and repeat noble solutions, not just debilitating problems.

It is time to report and tell stories of opportunities, not just obstacles.

True stories of growth and positive action allow for transformation. We need to ask ourselves each day, each night, and with each item we choose to watch or tell, does this information help transform, if it doesn't maybe it’s gossip.

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