Wednesday, July 29, 2009

That Other Place

Let’s see, I talked about illness. I’ve posted on the end times. How about beyond the omega? Here are some wild speculations on that other place. You know, that place we might or might not go after we’re finished here.

I’m not sure what to call it without conjuring up some image of ethereal clouds, fluttering angels, pearly gates and a guy named Peter checking entry credentials.

My belief is based on spiritual imagination, but other imaginings are just as valid as are beliefs concreted in the comfort of dogma.

I think that next place is whatever we choose it to be to the extent our spirituality can create it.

I believe it is a place filled with magnificent loving light that heals, comforts, and gently teaches how to love unconditionally. Conversation is by thought not words.

It is a place of peace to remember forgiveness and feel embraced by unconditional love in the presence of All That Is. There is no judgment.

Are the souls there aware of our dimension? I think so, but with the knowledge that time is an earthly illusion and does not exist and in a twinkling of a star we’ll be there so they look upon us with a new kind of love, tolerance and shared appreciation of our material choices in order to experience and grow toward the Divine oneness of the Source.

Our state of being in that other place is in a constant condition of youthful appearance sustained with total awareness, omniscience and phenomenal devoted appreciation of a glorified presence. There is no pain, no worry ever.

In my imagination the place is a vast divine nature personified with cacophonies of melodic music resonating in unbelievable harmonies that are alive in the dance of sound. It is a place of artistic creation where what you think manifests through the inherent divinity and beauty within you.

The flora and fauna in that place is cloaked in a sentientness of radiant shimmering. Grand flowerbeds of brilliant color festoon the eternity in a vibrancy never seen here.

Travel is instantaneous; think it and you are there and vistas, vistas beyond imagining in their grandeur, depth and expansive wonder and awe.

Solari like structures of alabaster and gold come to mind as benevolent centers of learning with courses in joy, appreciation, wonder and the levels of compassionate light.

Trillions and billions of souls move here and there in the joy of being in the moment, in the Now and praising the All That Is.

The air is filled with fragrances and aromas of divine light like nothing ever experienced on this plane. Rainbows are everywhere.

It is a place where you are hugged by a loving light and know it.

Sounds like a nice place. What if that’s where we were before we came here? Enjoy your Wednesday.

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Rose M said...

And if......there was a need to "return and serve"...could we, would we?

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