Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jackson's Memorial

Yesterday was a rant of sorts, I suppose.

Thank you to Irv in San Diego for acknowledging that perspective is an important aspect of reportorial life. Thank you too to all who commented on the “Tuesday” post.

I did glimpse some of the Michael Jackson memorial service at the Staples Center. The entertainment factor was magnificent. The tributes were sincere and moving, but I had a problem with placing Michael’s coffin nearly center stage. To me the tributes then took on a macabre, if not a morbid character instead of a celebratory one of accomplishment and acknowledgment of one’s contribution to the creative aspect of life.

I believe than once we finished what we came into this density to do, then it is time to return to the Source, to the light, to the Oneness of All That Is. Some die young. Some die old, but all die eventually.

Bravo Michael Jackson! Your struggle, your pain, your anguish is over and your gifts remain. The omniscience of knowing now replaces what was once obscure in the understanding of your being. Why so many of the living need the coffin to remember your talent, your music and your life is beyond me.

When I left the memorial service program midway through its presentation. I sat on a porch to watch, to feel and to listen to a passing thunderstorm.

The storm reminded me of what I knew about Jackson’s life. It was turbulent, powerful, filled with flashes of brilliant creative light and thunderous awe that manifesting talent engenders.

Some yellow finches took refuge in the sheltering leaves of a close by cherry tree. Their song, their tiny insignificant chatter continued despite the storm and also reminded me that life never ends.

Life’s song is forever and so is the spirit of one Michael Jackson and us too.

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