Thursday, July 30, 2009

Texting While Driving

I don’t know about you, but I think some Americans are very stupid or very dumb or intellectually incapable of discerning simple reasoning. (The latter is the nice way of saying the same thing as the former, but you knew that.)

Why should it take precious taxpayer dollars and the time and efforts of Congress to enact a nationwide law mandating states to make texting while driving illegal?

And this is almost as stupid. Who paid for the study to find out that drivers who text while driving are more likely to have an accident? Daaahh! That took a lot of analysis.

Of course it’s a dumb thing to do, so dumb that if we are going to take the time and effort of four Senators, and their staffs and eventually Congress as a whole to prohibits operators of cars, trucks and mass transit from texting while driving why not make the penalty really serious.

Here’s what I suggest. If the person texting while driving does not see the idiocy of doing so then they should not be allowed to drive. It’s obvious their intellectual gas tank is empty. They are incapable of making safe decisions. They probably think it’s OK to go through a red light because they don’t look both ways to see if anything is coming.

Forget a ticket and a fine or points on the license. If caught, the law should mandate a year's suspension of driving privileges, confiscation of the cell phone, prohibition of having a cell phone account for three years and remedial classes on how not to be stupid.

Here are two frightening statistics: 50% of teenage drivers text while driving. One in four adult Drivers text while driving.


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cath said...

Texting while driving:

Bravo Rolland!

It couldn't have been stated more clearly. Sadly though, if the license is removed, these care-less ones would likely continue to drive.

Remember the drivers that drive with a cell phone held in one hand while eating food with the other? I've experienced many such situations and finally tapped my horn as they chose to pass on the right rather than having patience while the car in front turns left.

These hands-full drivers still manage to munch, chat, pass while fingering the honker.

In this time I refer to as The Age of Unraveling.

Nintendo had less to do with hand eye co ordination than it did toward desensitizing generations toward violence. Now CSI etc... do likewise with gruesome. Many now have an insatiable appetite for these new norms?!

As communication increases with ightning speed, I think we tend to isolate more and more.

I feel so sad as I observe pedestrians walking and chatting on phones or, get this, a skateboarder speeding along while texting! Ahhhh!
Are we moving forward fast? I think not in this arena. I believe mankind is losing touch with our yearning at birth to belong and are detaching and isolating more and more.

Thanks Rolland for your Emerson/Thoreau way of thinking/be-ing.

Bless you warm and precious heart.
Bless your bodymindspirit.

Cath in Canada

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