Monday, July 13, 2009

The Cheney Sandwich

Good Monday Morning…

This is a sandwich post this morning. Here’s the first piece of bread.

Over the weekend I was angry reading the news stories that former vice-president Cheney hid some things from Congress that I believe he shouldn’t have, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Then yesterday after dinner I sat on high deck overlooking a plethora of green from various trees blending into the grassy hues of a lower meadow. A gentle summer breeze moved the leaves and pine needles in a waving tidal symmetry of motion and all seemed right with the world.

I reread the following and though assuaged by nature, I still felt it deserved to be posted.

I am disturbed over the news that our last vice-president withheld vital information about a secret intelligent operation from the committees in congress whose responsibility it is to oversee executive branch choices so that an excess of power does not usurp the law.

Mr. Cheney apparently believes he is above the law and reproach. He assumed his intellect, position and power allowed his determinant decisions to circumvent the Constitution of the United States.

He circumvented the rule of law and directed others to hide information that he knew would be contrary to Constitutional, moral and even civilized principles.

Mr. Cheney should be prosecuted for his egregious flaunting of power. This is not a republican or a democrat political issue. Although unfortunately it will end up being that. It is a legal issue and all legal issues are open to interpretation, even the ones that shouldn’t be.

My take on it is that Mr. Cheney committed an illegal act while in service to the citizenry of this country. His unlawful actions should be adjudicated in a court so that it never happens again by future power possessed individuals who happen to ascend to a leadership position.

Mr. Cheney seems to embrace the old Barry Goldwater motto, "Extremism in the pursuit of liberty is no vice." That thinking was rejected nationally in 1964 and that abhorrence sustains to this day.

Dick Cheney’s kind of conservancy is inimical to the greatness of America. Conservative values have a rightful place in American politics, but not when singular and suspect judgment breaks the law. He and all those in authority at the time are culpable of deceiving congress and by default the American people.

Am I harsh? Yes! It is time the wishy-washy politicians in Washington embraced the principles of America, the principles of common good and not the partisan particulars that hide behind accusations, innuendo, and obfuscations and especially power.

Shame on you Mr. Cheney. Once again you failed your oath to America.

Now here’s the other piece of bread of the post sandwich.

As I watched the breezes melodic movement flow through the flora of the trees, I once again acknowledged that I live in the present. The past, while it is a conscious memory, is no longer active or valid as a judgment except in my mind.

The future too is an illusion of hope, wonder and imaginary expectation. So while the foul wind of memory is still in my mind, the fresh wind of NOW caresses my spirit and I embrace the moment in the conscious choice of unconditional love.

Blessings on you Mr. Cheney. I'm glad you are no longer in a position of power.

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