Friday, July 17, 2009

Samaritan Ethic

A question to ponder. Can we be fair to our perceived needs and to the law and at the same time embrace a Samaritan ethic to be of service to another?

The current economic down times have renewed the debate, in many parts of this country, on the legality of welfare help and medical treatment for indigent undocumented immigrants. Some people believe denial of services is rightly based on the foundation of law and is therefore a misuse of social coffers when medical care is provided for the poor who are illegally in this country.

Belief, either in a creation theory or the evolutionary hypothesis eventually leads to the inevitable conclusion that we are each a part of the other and all a part of All That Is. We are certainly one in the finiteness of life and in its bountiful opportunities of constant choice.

The quintessential question is, what authority, what individual has the ability or the right to detach from their humanism and say to any man, woman or child who is ill, in pain, or in need, "Go, there is no help for you here." Who could do that and still sleep comfortably?

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Anonymous said...

So many needs. Where to begin? Home? Neighborhood? Community? State? Country? Global health and welfare?

On the broader topic of charity and giving, I engaged in an experiment this weekend. Saturday morning I went to the bank with a rebate check for something I had purchased. It was for $20. The teller asked me how I wanted it. My first thought was "It's $20 for goodness sake. Just give me a $20 bill." But, I realized that it was only $20 and I could do something more interesting with it, other than just stuffing it in my purse. So, I asked for it in $1's and kept it in my front pocket. Since 11am on Saturday, I have given a dollar bill to any street person that asked for money from me. Moments ago while filling up my car at the gas station, I gave away my last bill. It took about 48 hours to be asked for money 20 times. Something to think about.
Hope you're doing well over there.
Love to you and yours,

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