Monday, June 1, 2009

Real Survival

I’m sure the current Reality shows have lots of fans. I hear people talking about them and the spring ratings sweeps have ended.

The survivor shows are the real sham. It's a production. A game show. Survival is a misnomer. There are dozens of production crew members on location, videotaping a drama with amateur actors. Eating rats or other detritus is shock drama to keep you watching, but it's not really survival.

If anyone of the contestants were starving, hurt or harmed in anyway, other than a bruised ego for being voted off the show, then the production crews would have provided aid or sustenance. Besides the contestants can quit at any time.

The real survivors of the world are the starving children and adults in places that might just as well be an island for all the attention the outside world gives them. They do not have the luxury of immediate outside help, nor can they quit and go home. They die. According to the world health organization, 35 thousand people a day, a thousand children an hour, die from hunger and hunger related diseases.

The few who do make it are the real survivors.

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