Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good On You Mate

I met a man the other day. He was from the land down under. It was his first visit to the United States and I assume by the places he’s visited and the seeming joy in his presence he was having a good time on his journey.

My conversation with him, however, was focused on another type of journey; one that he took from a place of no name into an injured body that needed much repair.

He had what is commonly referred to as an NDE; a Near Death Experience. This man was driving on a highway in Australia when a truck crossed the divider and slammed head on into his car. He died!

Standing outside the demolished car he watched as others attended to his crushed body. His spirit was detached from his form, but he was aware of what was happening. He knew there were other helpful beings around him and some of them were not in a body. Some were angels. He looked through the proverbial tunnel of loving embracing light that many people claim to enter when having an NDE, but he did not go there.

What happened next is unknown.

What is known to him is that he returned to a body that was badly damage and he was different. He had some memories of his previous life experiences, but little ability of how to control his body. His hand control was sluggish, walking and movement difficult. It was as if he had never been in a body before, albeit an injured one.

It took years of rehabilitation to fully function. Family, friends and the doctors thought he was brain damaged and he certainly acted that way as he learned to function in bodily form. But slowly, not only awareness, but knowledge of things he wouldn’t, shouldn’t and couldn’t know were obvious only to him.

He was his old self as a body, but connected to an ethereal source. He could hear what people think; answer their questions before they were asked. He could hear the counsel of a knowing spiritual voice. He was psychic. He was a walk-in.

A walk-in, in the arcane school of esoteric parlance is where a highly evolved spiritual being inhabits a body willingly given up by the birth soul. The walk-in does so to be of service to humanity.

What I have taken from his story is the memory of a marvelous afternoon with a gentlemen who is far more aware than many I have talked to. A man who is far more loving than some others I have befriended in my lifetime and a man who is far more profound in the simplicity of life and living than I have recently seen. I am a better person for having experienced his presence.

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