Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gas Gouging Again

Some observations today on current oil company’s greed.

I’ve written about this before and given the oil corporation's penchant for gouging profit, I will probably write about it again and again.

You would think that we consumers would wise up somewhere along the way, but so far that hasn’t happened. We go on our merry way accepting this or that and we blindly condone, by inaction, the usurpation of fairness from our daily lives.

Doesn’t it seem a bit strange that in the last couple of weeks the price of gas has risen twenty percent? Why? (Hint – it’s the summer driving season.)

Look around at the television and newspaper headlines. Do some Google research. There is no new overt crisis happening in the world or looming on the horizon. No hurricanes in the Gulf to disrupt production or the processing of oil. No coup in an oil-producing nation. There is no breakdown of a manufacturing plant anywhere to use an as excuse or even headlines that OPEC is feeling pee ode at some action taken by our government and cuts production.

These are some of the reason the oil companies have used in the past and we consumers have passively accepted them over and over as the reasons for paying gouging gasoline prices.

When are we going to learn?

Consumption is the harbinger of higher prices.

What free enterprise has always embraced from the beginning of mercantile democracy is that reasonable profit and fairness encourages growth and loyalty; untenable greed precedes demise.

Many of our corporations who have forgotten that premise are now lying under the tombstone of failure and if others are not careful it will be their downfall into the economic abyss of memory for new technologies are emerging and consumers only remember fairness.

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Anonymous said...

It is one part OPEC, one part investors, one part oil companies. All are in the mix. But, Mother Earth is the winner. The higher the price, the less we consume, the better for the planet. And, the higher the cost of gas, the fewer of us die on the roads. And, my commute is easier! What does the future hold? What do you think? I am optimistic, but not hopeful. Or, is it the other way around?
A Daily Reader

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