Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran's Election

The Islamic revolution of 1979 in Iran has proven that religious control of any country is a travesty of individual rights and a usurpation of individual freedom and action.

Supposedly President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won reelection as the political puppet of an Islamic government. Whether the election was sacred in truth or filled with fraud cannot be fully known in a country with governmental and religious control of media, the courts, the police and the military.

It can only be know in the hearts of her people.

What the world hears clandestinely is a different story. Digested stories from pole observers of voting fraud. Stories of open political dissent and street protests.

Iran has a covert media. The official one operated and controlled by the government fears it. It is a people’s media; a horizontal one for it transmits information from person to person, from group to group, grass roots to grass roots via Internet and cell phone connections like Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

Their stories and reports are the ad hoc poles of true consensus. This is where the basic right of freedom lives in the actions of patriots. These are the life measures of a consensus in a country where only a select few control the many in order to sustain power.

A storm of truth has been loosed in Iran and despite the fact that power can contort and control; the infectious desire for freedom is roaming the sands, the mountains, the cities, towns, and villages and the hearts of Iranians.

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