Friday, June 19, 2009

People Power

Why can it not be that freedom of choice is the norm within and upon this magnificent world? The answer is not in our stars. It is within our hearts and the earth’s collective heart for it beats in the harmony of balance.

Right now the country of Iran is beating with a heart of potential change, of freedom, of liberty, of choice, of individual power through her people who seek self-expression. The consequences of this desire is terminal for some, injurious for others and inimical to the clerics whose power is increasingly suspect.

Each individual protester seeks to choose the structure of government. It may end up where religious institutions and their regimen retain control, but history has proven the disenfranchised always fight for the right of self-determination and once the fight has begun it does not end until it is accomplished.

Power to the people was an expression used by social change elements in America in the 1970’s to energize like-minded souls to support a cause. It worked! It worked in images of clinched fists and the result was change.

Perhaps the power phrase will enthuse an Iranian population mired in control, conditioned in fear, constrained in belief and graced with an historic past that could be an inspiration for the world today.

Persia was wonderful. It was the cultural beginning of our current civilization. The early history of humankind goes back to Iran and to a land the ancient Greeks called Persis.

If Iran in its current revolutionary and religious encumbrances can embrace its historic and true nature of refinement, beauty and art, power will be with the people and not with the clerics who hold it for difference reasons. And if the people of the world choose to give the Iranians prayerful support this may be the tipping point leading to a peaceful future for the Middle East and the world.

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