Thursday, April 23, 2009

Racial Supremacy

Every so often there are reports that supremacist groups are using the Internet to spread their racists message. Invectives of hate, bigotry, and prejudice, are wrapped in the darkness of anonymous cyberspace.

Just the preposterous proposition of superiority, let alone believing that one race is better than another, belies the gift of common intellect and the inner awareness of our interconnection. The intolerant extremists, who spread the festering lie of supremacy, defile the truth of simple observation and intelligent investigation.

Every race has its greatness in history, in culture, in the discovery of beauty through the arts and especially in individual achievement. Race does not and cannot give its members an advantage. Race does not make one smarter or stronger, only the grace of the divine within each of us can do that and even then it is an individual choice to embrace that gift and then be the evidence of it in daily action.

It is called character. Character, the essence, the heart, the spirit of a human being is the only criteria that determine one’s hierarchy.


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