Friday, April 3, 2009


Good Morning All,

Thank you for tuning in to this blog from time to time.

During the G-20 meeting this week in London, I wondered if those who flew to the summit looked down at the earth from their five-mile high altitude and did they know where one country ends and another begins. The thought reminded me of a poem I wrote a couple of years ago and is now included in my new book, "Stone Wisdom".

© 2005 Rolland G. Smith

Tell me when we cross the border
if you can tell five miles high.
There are no walls , no wired fence
to hold the thoughts of difference.
The earth is one as people are,
but fear holds fear within the mind.
Illusion then is concretized
And the Oneness unrealized.

Have a peaceful weekend.


Anonymous said...

One of my favorites.

Topher08 said...

"Borders" ingenerates me to be ever mindful that we are all one with the Earth. Thank you, Good Sir, for sharing your work.

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