Friday, April 10, 2009


This weekend culminates the solemn and holy observance of lent with the joyous time of Easter Sunday.

The truths of a teaching Jesus amplify the redemptive belief of the crucifixion and remind us that choosing joy is also part of daily living.

His death on the cross was a Divine choice of unconditional love not an action to engender sorrow or retribution.

In this world of dangerously passionate certainties, in these times of fear and protection, let us not forget the many lessons of the Cross.

Jesus died teaching forgiveness. He preached that we should look at our world with compassion and love in our hearts, not with the narrowness of a blinded and dispassionate ego whose wants can only be filled by creating lack for others.

Through his own suffering, the Anointed One asked that we choose love as the celebration of life as the way to honor the Divine within ourselves and others.

Have a joyous and happy Easter.

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