Friday, April 17, 2009

Life's Boat

Good Morning,

My thanks to photographer Claude Charlebois for the inspiration of this poem. You can find his works at

Life’s Boat
© 2009 Rolland G. Smith

There! In the boat. My destiny;
My future cast afloat.
Dare I swim and try to see
What’s in the auger boat?

The sea is me and I am bold
To stay within its brine.
My body’s young, my spirit’s old,
And knows the path sublime.

Most do not know the Indigo
Are here to change – refine,
The way we stage our love tableau
Among our humankind.

That’s all I know without the boat
To tell me what’s in store.
The distance is Poseidon’s moat
And keeps me near the shore.

It’s deep and dark to brave the tide
And see my future clear,
So I will stay and play life’s side
Despite the knowing near.

But like the boat that points her prow
To ocean swells unknown.
Again in life I’ll live the NOW,
A choice that I have sown.

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